mandag, desember 11, 2006

Etwinning – Digital stories

Time: End og January – the beginning of February

Sharing/uploading of videos: last week in January/first week in February

Length: It should be small videos (no more than 2-4 minutes?)

Size: pleace – try to make the movies small – no more than 10 megabyte if possible. If more – it could be a problem to download them.

Theme? The students shall tell a story from their personal life, it could be childhood memories (one could scan in old photos and use them for the presentation), it could be a story about their first boy-/girlfriend, it could be a story about persons who are important to them (for example in their family), it could be they would find some episodes that has meaning to them

The challenge: not the technical things – but finding good stories and find out how to tell them

For inspiration: - click and listen to the stories there.

Language: English

Agegroup of the students: 15-17 years old.

Alone or in groups? The teachers/students decide if they will make their own movies or if they will work in groups (but one of the idea is that the film shall be the expression of one person, but we have to be open here

Phototools: videocameras, cameras in mobile phones- digital cameras and/or scanners

Computertools: Imovie, Moviemaker, Photostory (all are free tools!) or any other tools for making a videofilm

If you use Photostory, you use still photos – put them together and then use a microphone on the computer to put comments to the photos. Then you make a movie out of it.

Where to share? Place for publishing the digital stories:

Format: se for details, but most formats are supported

Tagging: tag the films with Etwinning + Digital stories

Proceedings (make you own adjustments)

1. beginning of January – presentation of project to our students (if they haven’t heard about it already.

2. first half of January – tell the students to learn themselves the necessities of Photostory or whatever tool they will use

3. Middle of January – start working with ideas of personal stories. If you use Photostory and make a story of 2 minutes – you will have a story with no more than 200 words. When they have found inspirations for their stories – then they must start filming or collecting photos.

4. Putting the story together and publishing– last half of January

5. When having published on Jumpcut – tag the movie and send me ( the URL of the movie so that we can publish where to find all the films. I will make a webpage with all the URL’s (webadresses of the films)

6. Voting – on Jumpcut one can vote – we could discuss a system of voting, finding the most popular film

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