fredag, mars 25, 2005


I enjoy gadgets - less now than before when I run a little firm and could defend "investments" with my business. Latest - got rid of the rather messy phone company (Lyse) in favour of a rather small startup company (Telio) who promises "free IP-calls" which weren't really free because I had to buy new analogue phones and you also have to pay a fee for the service every month. When we phone people with cell-phones - those calls aren't free either. But - I didn't do it to save money. But since yesterday it doesn't work. I have a fixed IP-adress - which I have to use in order to use Telio. But - funny enough - when the router is set up with this fixed IP-adress, I have connection with the phone - but Internett (mail and surfing - doesn't work). When I set up the router with a dynamic IP-adress - no phone! - So we are cut off. The picture below is from yesterday at Fotland bygdemølle.
skjærtorsdag 2005

tirsdag, mars 22, 2005

I have developed a great fondness for the Picasa tool which makes a quick manipulation of the photos very easy. Working for hours in Photoshop is nothing for me This photo of a drunk and happy Irish-man had of course a go in Picasa which can be downloaded for nothing from Google. Posted by Hello