tirsdag, august 09, 2005

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Stuck In A Moment 4:34 U2 All That You Can't Leave Behin Rock 8 06.05.2005 08:47 (copied from my i Tune)
while I attack the last 10 essays!

torsdag, april 28, 2005


School year is coming to an end. The graduate students have their own cards, here are some of the students in class 3AFB.  Posted by Hello

fredag, mars 25, 2005


I enjoy gadgets - less now than before when I run a little firm and could defend "investments" with my business. Latest - got rid of the rather messy phone company (Lyse) in favour of a rather small startup company (Telio) who promises "free IP-calls" which weren't really free because I had to buy new analogue phones and you also have to pay a fee for the service every month. When we phone people with cell-phones - those calls aren't free either. But - I didn't do it to save money. But since yesterday it doesn't work. I have a fixed IP-adress - which I have to use in order to use Telio. But - funny enough - when the router is set up with this fixed IP-adress, I have connection with the phone - but Internett (mail and surfing - doesn't work). When I set up the router with a dynamic IP-adress - no phone! - So we are cut off. The picture below is from yesterday at Fotland bygdemølle.
skjærtorsdag 2005

tirsdag, mars 22, 2005

I have developed a great fondness for the Picasa tool which makes a quick manipulation of the photos very easy. Working for hours in Photoshop is nothing for me This photo of a drunk and happy Irish-man had of course a go in Picasa which can be downloaded for nothing from Google. Posted by Hello