lørdag, august 16, 2014

(718) Nytt skoleår! Del!

Today, people all over the world are taking advantage of the internet by sharing their work online. But sometimes the law doesn’t make that easy. When you put your work on the internet, it’s automatically copyrighted with “all rights reserved,” restricting other people from sharing, reusing, or remixing it.
But people have been adapting and building upon each other’s work for centuries. Musicians sample beats from each other’s music. Artists create collages from other people’s images. Teachers borrow each other’s activities and lesson plans. Scientists build off of each other’s results to make new discoveries. When all of the great content in the world is locked under All Rights Reserved,what’s left for us to play and build with?
Creative Commons licenses let you take copyright into your own hands, giving others permission in advance to use your creations. When everyone can use a work, everyone benefits from it.

Download our quick and easy guide to the six Creative Commons licenses and hang it in your cubicle. Next time you’re ready to upload a photograph, video, or blog post, consider giving others the ability to create new things from your work.
(Velkommen til nytt skoleår forresten!)